Corporate Responsibility

Sharps Medical Waste Services is committed to a socially responsible and environmentally sensitive approach to the safe management of regulated waste — biohazardous, pharmaceutical, hazardous, and universal. We continually strive to design and implement innovative solutions to safeguard human health and protect our natural environment while consuming decreasing amounts of the Earth's limited resources.

Sharps Medical Waste Services has prevented the improper disposal of medical waste and unused patient medications that, in many cases, could pose a significant threat to our citizens and to the environment. Protecting human health and safeguarding our natural environment are core values upon which Sharps was founded. We've earned a reputation as a leader in the socially responsible approach to the safe, cost-effective, and green disposal of medical waste for the small quantity generator. Working together with thousands of consumers, businesses, and municipalities, our efforts to eliminate hazards from the environment are making a real difference.

Enhance Environmental Sustainability Efforts with Sharps Medical Waste Services' Waste Conversion Process™

Transforming Medical Waste into Energy

Regulated medical waste returned to Sharps' treatment facilities is scanned, weighed, properly treated, and then repurposed using our Waste Conversion Process, thereby avoiding use of landfills.

  • Sharps scans and weighs all medical waste for manifesting and regulatory reporting in accordance with all applicable regulations.
  • Sharps treats returned medical waste though autoclave sterilization, which renders the waste noninfectious, removing all bacteria and potentially infectious material.
  • Sharps then shreds all treated, non-infectious waste to prepare for our patented Waste Conversion Process, which repurposes waste into a new resource — energy used to generate electricity for homes and business.
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