ComplianceTrac is an online training and compliance system available 24/7. This program stores training certificates for all required training as well as your required OSHA documents in one location for easy access. ComplianceTrac is only available to customers of Sharps Medical Waste Services.

Training Offerings

Get instant online OSHA-compliant training, such as BBP, HazCom, and Fire Safety training, as well as HHS-compliant HIPAA training and Medicare training for those that accept Medicare payments.

SDS (MSDS) Management

Simplify the management of your SDSs, including the required corresponding Chemical Inventory List, keeping you in compliance with the updated 2012 HazCom Standard. Search, view, print, store, and organize your SDSs for your entire organization, or you can create separate lists by location.

Online Safety Plans

Create your own OSHA-required safety plans with our online fill-in-the-blank plan builder. Produce a professional Exposure Control Plan, Fire Safety Plan, or General Safety Plan, among others, with all the required links and supporting documents included in each plan.

Online Compliance Audits

Utilize one of 75 compliance audits to see how your facility measures up. After completion, you will see where you comply and where you are deficient, matching your report to the standard or regulation so you know what changes you need to make. You can even assign corrective actions to ensure your facility’s practices are updated.

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