Schedule USPS Pickup

USPS Priority Pickup Sharps Mailback Systems

  • USPS pickup is free, regardless of the number of Sharps Recovery Systems you're sending. Free pickup can help your medical facility continue being productive while ensuring your sharps are disposed of properly.
  • Pickup occurs on the scheduled day when your regular mail is delivered or scheduled for a specific date. Any day the USPS delivers mail to your location, you can have your sharps picked up.
  • Systems should be properly sealed and ready for shipment at pickup to make the process easier.
  • The deadline for pickup requests and changes is 2:00 a.m. CST the day your pickup is scheduled.

Schedule USPS Pickup

Request a Pickup Date for Route-Based Service

Please call Customer Support at (800) 772-5657.

Whether you work at a hospital or offer home care, ensuring the sharps you use are properly disposed of is important. By sending back sharps by mail, you can ensure they’re taken care of properly and keep everyone safe. Get in touch with us today at Sharps Medical Waste Services if you have any questions about our sharps disposal by mail system. It’s easy to schedule a pickup from the USPS any day of the week.

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