Partner with Sharps Medical Waste Services, a trusted leader in medical waste disposal with decades of experience working with a variety of diagnostic, research, and production laboratories. Let Sharps be the single-source provider for the management of all your regulated medical and hazardous waste streams. Our comprehensive services can be customized to the needs of your laboratory, whether you seek compliant disposal of novel testing materials or voluminous reagent waste, Sharps Medical Waste Services can save you money while delivering excellent customer service and regulatory support.

Benefits of Partnering with a Leading National Provider:

  • Better Pricing: Transaction-based pricing with straightforward agreements and no hidden fees
  • Better Support: Dedicated customer support and regulatory teams
  • Better Service: On-time, convenient service
  • Better Treatment: Sustainable, environmentally responsible treatment of waste

Regulated Medical Waste

Sharps Medical Waste Services provides medical waste disposal services for diagnostic, GMP/cGMP, and research laboratories nationwide via mailback and pickup solutions. Our route-based medical waste pickup service offers:

  • Competitive, affordable rates with no surprise increases
  • Multiple service frequencies available for ultimate convenience
  • Online tools for employee training and waste manifests
  • Waste transport containers, labels, and liners all provided for packaging compliance
  • Variety of sharps container sizes available, conveniently delivered when we pick up your medical waste

Our mailback solutions are ideal for those labs which generate smaller volumes of medical waste. We have a large selection of systems in a variety of sizes.

  • TakeAway Recovery System Multipack: Multiple sharps containers to distribute across all workstations for the collection and disposal of scalpels, syringes, glass pipettes, tissue slides, and other sharps, conveniently returned in one prepaid shipping box
  • 20- and 30-Gallon TakeAway Recovery System: Large collection containers for sharps containers and used healthcare products with prepaid shipping box
  • Spill Kit Recovery System: Biohazardous spill kit for the containment, disinfection, and removal of specimen spills; prepaid shipback for treatment included

Whether generating pathology, microbiology, or analyzer waste, Sharps Medical Waste Services will work with your laboratory to establish a convenient, compliant solution that meets your containment and scheduling needs.

Hazardous Waste

SharpsCompliance's hazardous waste experts will work with you to accommodate all of your laboratories' hazardous wastes. We have an extensive catalog of drums, carboys, and other solutions designed for the safe, compliant containment and transportation of reagent, fixative, and solvent wastes like xylene, alcohols, and acids, as well as all the stain wastes on your testing menu. Contact Sharps Medical Waste Services today at 800.772.5657 to learn how we can save your laboratory operation both time and expense in the complex management of your hazardous waste streams.

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