Long-Term Care

Sharps Medical Waste Services has a long history partnering with some of the largest long-term care organizations in the country. We work with independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing communities on a local, regional, or national scale. We offer a wide variety of solutions for the proper management of regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, and hazardous waste, which can be customized depending upon community size and generation amounts.

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)

For those communities who generate large amounts of RMW, sharps and/or red bag waste, we provide route-based pickup services with the following benefits:

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Waste transport containers, labels, liners, and tape all provided for packaging compliance
  • Straightforward agreements with standardized terms
  • Sharps containers available for your convenience
  • Scheduling to help keep you compliant with those states that have strict on-site RMW storage time limitations

For those communities who generate smaller amounts of RMW, we offer comprehensive mailback solutions as follows:

Our mailback systems include a containment receptacle, instructions for the proper use and packaging of the system, all packaging supplies needed as well as a shipping box with affixed prepaid, pre-addressed postage label.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Our DEA-compliant MedSafe collection receptacle streamlines the disposal of unwanted, unused, and expired resident medications in assisted living and skilled nursing communities where allowed. Popping pills out of blister packs to dispose of them can cost communities over $10,000 annually in nursing salary alone. It is also an inefficient use of the highest-paid staff’s time. Fortunately, MedSafe offers a better, more cost-effective way to dispose of resident’s medications while complying with EPA, DEA, HIPAA, and state regulations.

For those communities who are not allowed to have MedSafe due to regulatory reasons, we also provide our DEA-compliant TakeAway Medication Recovery System Envelopes, a prepaid postage, pre-addressed mailback envelope, that can be utilized by individual residents in the privacy of their own room for the comingled disposal of both controlled and non-controlled medications. Additionally, we offer the TakeAway Environmental Return System for the disposal of non-controlled, non-hazardous medications only. Multiple patients’ medications may be disposed of in the same system.

Residents may place both their controlled and non-controlled unwanted medications into either MedSafe or the TakeAway Medication Envelopes. If you are looking to only dispose of non-controlled, non-hazardous medications, then the TakeAway Environmental Return System is exactly what you need since controlled substances are not allowed in this disposal system.

Hazardous Waste

Sharps offers services for hazardous waste collection and universal waste recycling. Proper segregation is required for hazardous waste pharmaceuticals. Sharps Medical Waste Services has a team of hazardous waste experts to assist you with the proper management, containment, packaging, transport, and treatment of those specific medications. Additionally, they can assist you with the proper recycling of your universal waste items, such as used bulbs, batteries, and mercury-containing devices.

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