Physician Practices

Sharps Medical Waste Services is a leading nationwide provider of medical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste management services for physician practices. We work with practices of all sizes from independent doctors’ offices to large physician group practices. Our goal is to provide physicians with affordable and convenient solutions through mailback and pickup services for all their waste streams: regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, and hazardous waste pharmaceuticals. Our team of regulatory experts works each day, keeping your employees, patients, and practices safe and compliant.

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)

Our blended model of mailback and pickup services allows us to match the right solution to fit the needs of your practice. This is how we can provide the best service, reducing costs through proper segregation and waste minimization, and simplifying processes, all while keeping your physician practice in compliance. We have a large variety of mailback solutions for your RMW – both sharps and red bag waste. Our smaller systems are perfect for patient exam rooms, while our 20- and 30-gallon systems are useful for the aggregation of full sharps containers and red bags. Below is a list of our mailback systems that are ideal for physician practices:

If your practice generates larger amounts of RMW, our route-based medical waste pickup services may be the most efficient and cost-effective option for you. Our straightforward agreements have transparent pricing and zero hidden fees. We work with you to determine the appropriate service frequency, so you’re not paying for disposal of half-empty receptacles.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Does your practice have any unused, unwanted, or expired medication samples or medications you use in your practice? If you have any non-controlled, non-hazardous medications, whether samples or otherwise, you can utilize our TakeAway Environmental Return System. If you have any unused controlled medications, then we have the solution for you. Our TakeAway Medication Recovery System DEA Pails are a convenient, DEA-compliant, and environmentally safe option for the collection, return, and destruction of DEA-registrant expired and unused controlled medications.

Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals

Do you have hazardous waste pharmaceuticals that you need to dispose of? Sharps Medical Waste Services' hazardous waste experts will assist you in RCRA-compliant management, containment, packaging, transport, and disposal of those medications. Additionally, we offer universal waste recycling systems for your used lamps, batteries, and mercury-containing items.

Recycled Waste

The TakeAway Recycle System is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution designed to recycle single-use medical devices (SUDs) into green energy used to power homes rather than exposing you and your patients to potential risk from reprocessed SUDs or placement into landfills.

Benefits of Recycling Single-Use Devices

  • Reduce waste streams
  • Potentially avoid liability associated with improper handling of RMW
  • Help reduce potential for infections associated with reprocessing of SUDs
  • OSHA- and DOT-compliant disposal solution
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