Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Non-adherence to prescribed drug therapies has reached a significant crisis point for the already over-burdened U.S. healthcare system. Complicated therapeutic regimens that require the regular use of injection devices in the home to treat chronic diseases can prove especially problematic for patients.

patient support

Sharps Medical Waste Services' Sharps Support Program provides patients with a convenient and safe way to properly dispose of injection devices while also collecting valuable data for pharmaceutical manufacturers. This data can be used to increase adherence, design treatment mechanisms and protocols, and guide conversations with payers about reimbursement and formulary position.

Data Analysis

The Sharps Support Program creates opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers to affect non-adherence trends by identifying struggling patient cohorts. Intervention programs and assessment of which delivery mechanisms work best when self-administered in a home setting can then be implemented.

Patient Engagement

The Sharps Support Program delivers unique branding opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers, which increases patient engagement. We can customize many aspects of our System to create a patient connection with the manufacturer's brand. An engaged patient is one that is more likely to adhere to therapy and remain loyal to the brand.


With a properly positioned program, pharmaceutical manufacturers can reach patients on a routine basis with timely messaging. We can add custom literature or updated product information sheets during fulfillment so that the information reaches the patient when desired. Increased touchpoints also provide the best data trends in patient behavior and can indicate issues with therapy.

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