Data Breach Reporting

Protect your business, employees, customers, and vendors from the risks of a data breach.

We have a passion here at Curtis Bay Medical Waste Service for compliance and the solutions we bring to the market place. This passion allows us to be innovative and pushes us to constantly be improving our overall service.

Our "outside the box" thought process helped us identify the growing epidemic of data breaches, data security, and data privacy. The ever-expanding epidemic revolving around data breaches and data security can easily become a significant business expense for any size customer, which is why we are so excited and so proud to bring you Readiness Pro!

What is Readiness Pro?

Readiness Pro comprises the patent-pending CSR Risk Assessment program and the award winning Breach Reporting Service™. Readiness Pro will help strengthen the data privacy practices within your business, which will help with the overall privacy of your patients, customers, and employees.

How does the Risk Assessment Program work?

The Readiness Pro Risk Assessment Program is an online self-assessment tool that helps you review, revise and revisit your business processes for handling the personally identifiable information (PII) of your customers, employees and vendors, as required by a host of legislation and regulations.

Risk Assessment 3 Step Process

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    Review – Take a Self-Assessment Data Privacy Questionnaire
    Detect all locations of personally identifiable information (PII) in an organization & determine how PII is Acquired, Accessed, Handled, Transmitted, Stored, & Destroyed.

  2. Revise – Implement Readiness Policies & Remediation Instructions
    A dashboard will show progress and generate tasks to improve compliance. You can improve your business risk scores by remediation and implementation of further program offerings. Upon successful completion of the analysis and remediation, your business will earn a Certificate of Completion and the ID Stay Safe Digital Seal that you can use on your website and advertising.

  3. Revisit – Continually Improve Risk Score
    Routinely monitor and audit performance to meet legal, regulatory and other compliance requirements with 24/7 access to allow ongoing and regular monitoring.

Breach Reporting Service™ 4 Step Process

  1. Collect all necessary information
  2. Call the toll-free number
  3. CSR Privacy Professionals evaluate the incident using the powerful & patented CSR systems
  4. CSR completes all necessary reporting and, if needed, works with the user to complete consumer notification

What does CSR Breach Reporting Service do for me?

In the event of the actual or suspected breach of PII, the CSR Breach Reporting Service reports to authorities and notifies consumers, as required.

Your call to the in-house CSR team of privacy professionals initiates a custom evaluation of your incident to determine if authorities and consumers must be notified. CSR files the necessary breach reports on your behalf, and consumer notification can be prepared with your input.

Why do businesses need this?

Many state, federal and international laws require businesses to protect the personally identifiable information (PII) of employees, vendors and customers. Penalties for noncompliance can include fines, prosecution and even jail time. Massachusetts and Connecticut are just two examples of many jurisdictions that require businesses that deal with their residents to maintain comprehensive risk assessment, remediation and monitoring programs related to their handling of legally protected PII.

Don't know your states breach reporting regulations, click here to find out more!

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Watch CSR’s Breach Reporting Service and Readiness videos below to learn why reporting and notification is mandatory, how the service works, and who the experts are behind it!

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