Incineration & Treatment

High Temperature Incineration

Sharps Medical Waste Services provides affordable and confidential destruction of nonhazardous waste materials for both public and private organizations. Our high temperature incineration offers assured destruction of confidential materials, damaged or seized goods, pharmaceutical and certain medical wastes and much more. We provide consolidated billing, witnessed destruction, confidential appointments and certification of destruction. No long-term contracts or minimum service levels are required.

Medical Waste Treatment

We treat medical waste with an on-site autoclave and then repurpose the sterile waste into a new resource, such as the generation of electricity. Our Waste Conversion Process avoids the use of landfills, which is a common practice of many medical waste treatment facilities. By avoiding landfill use, Sharps Medical Waste Services follows an environmentally sustainable approach to medical waste treatment.

In addition, our treatment facility is uniquely equipped to autoclave and incinerate within the same facility. This allows us to accept pathological waste and trace amounts of chemo waste, which is a growing concern, since many facilities do not have the capability to treat these wastes.

Law Enforcement Agencies

We work with local, state, and federal agencies to properly destroy seized property, evidence, narcotics, and firearms. Our central east Texas location provides convenient access to law enforcement agencies throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Reverse Distributors & Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

High temperature incineration is a proper destruction method for expired and unused nonhazardous pharmaceuticals. Incineration renders the pharmaceuticals unrecognizable and non-retrievable as required by law. We require no long-term contracts or minimum service levels.

Medical Waste Haulers

Our treatment facility is centrally located providing convenient access to medical waste transporters throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Our facility is uniquely equipped with both an autoclave and incinerator allowing proper treatment of medical waste, including pathological and trace chemo, and pharmaceutical waste.

Private Enterprise

Incineration provides the proper destruction businesses need to protect privacy, confidentiality, or business intelligence. In addition, incineration of branded goods that are damaged, expired, counterfeited, or otherwise pose a threat to negatively impact the brand is the ideal method of complete irretrievable destruction.

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