With over 25 years’ experience, Sharps Medical Waste Services is a leading provider of regulated medical waste disposal within the rapidly growing veterinary services industry. Sharps understands the unique waste needs of small and large-group practices, from standalone practitioners to animal hospitals and everything in between. Let us help your business manage the various regulated waste streams, including sharps, hazardous waste, and pharmaceutical waste, of both small companion and livestock animals alike.

Our affordable pricing comes with online proof of treatment and no hidden fees for the environmentally responsible treatment of your sharps, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste to help you remain in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. Additional perks of working with Sharps include:

  • Experienced team focused on putting customers’ needs first
  • Single-source provider for compliant management of medical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste streams
  • Online waste manifests
  • Protection for your business with complete regulatory compliance

Regulated Medical Waste

Sharps Medical Waste Services provides both mailback and pickup services for the comprehensive management of sharps as well as surgical and diagnostic wastes, ensuring the safe removal of those infectious hazards from your work environment. We will work with you to determine which products and services are best suited to your needs.

For practices generating smaller volumes of waste, Sharps' mailback Recovery System Multipacks include multiple sharps containers with a single shipping box for the easy management and return of sharps waste. Our 20- and 30-Gallon TakeAway Recovery Systems can accommodate the needs of larger waste generators and are designed for the aggregation of both sharps containers and soft, infectious "red bag" waste. Regardless of which solution is right for you, distribute Sharps' specially designed containers throughout both treatment areas and laboratories to help your practice better comply with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard.

Our route-based medical waste pickup service is best for locations with higher volumes of medical waste that need disposal at scheduled frequencies. Features of our popular pickup servicing include:

  • Fully permitted transport vehicles per DOT, state, and local regulations
  • Clear, straightforward agreements and a customer support team available by phone, email, and chat for questions
  • Multiple sharps container sizes conveniently delivered when we pick up your medical waste
  • Transparent, competitive pricing with no automatic price increases or concealed fees
  • Waste manifest storage, DOT training, exposure control plans, medical waste management plans, and other online resources for your convenience
  • Waste boxes, labels, liners, and tape provided for packaging compliance

Pharmaceutical Waste

Sharps Medical Waste Services provides pharmaceutical waste solutions for both pet owners and veterinarians. For providers, our TakeAway Medication Recovery System DEA Pail is a DEA-compliant option for the collection, return, and destruction of expired and unused controlled substances in the veterinarian’s stock. Providers may also make available to their clientele our TakeAway Medication Recovery System envelopes for home-based disposal of unused and expired pet medications (both controlled and non-controlled substances).

Hazardous Waste

Sharps can also accommodate all your hazardous wastes from radiological wastes to lab stains and reagents, among others. Beyond procedures and diagnostic services, veterinary care also routinely calls for the pharmaceutical dispensing of a variety of substances. Our solutions for P-listed, U-listed, and characteristic pharmaceutical wastes are available as both pickup and mailback services. Be sure to check out our Hazardous Drug Spill Kit to protect employees from hazardous drug exposure from patient excretions and vomitus.

Sharps’ Universal Waste solutions are UN-rated and DOT-approved for the recycling of batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and mercury-containing devices.

Regulatory Compliance

Veterinary operations and wastes are subject to regulation by state, as well as federal, agencies, such as the DOT, OSHA, and EPA. Most commonly, nearly all vet practices are required by OSHA to have a Safety Plan and provide their employees with HazCom training. Sharps’ ComplianceTRAC platform is an online training, compliance, and safety management system that contains customizable safety plans as well as a variety of OSHA-mandated training modules. ComplianceTRAC stores training certificates and your various required OSHA documents, including SDS sheets with required chemical inventory, in one location for easy 24/7 online access.

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