Minnesota Medical Waste Disposal

Infectious Medical Waste Disposal in Minnesota Is Easy with Sharps Medical Waste Services

Sharps Medical Waste Services supplies regulated medical waste (RMW) disposal services to Minnesota waste generators of all sizes. Our services include online tracking, proof of destruction, transportation, and treatment to help you comply with your cradle-to-grave responsibilities.

Our Minnesota RMW customers include various waste generators, such as surgery centers, pathology labs, long-term care facilities, dentists, medical groups, veterinary clinics, urgent cares, and home healthcare. We'll work with you to determine your facility's needs and create a custom medical waste management solution that meets your requirements and your budget.

Our Minnesota headquarters in Eden Prairie services the entire state, including these metro areas:

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Rochester
  • Duluth
  • Bloomington
  • St. Cloud

Contact us by phone at 612.851.0127 to speak with a representative.

Sharps Medical Waste Services Minnesota Medical Waste Solutions

Sharps Medical Waste Services provides a custom solution tailored to your specific waste streams, the amounts you generate, and the regulations that govern these activities. For the smaller generator, we offer mailback systems. Larger quantity generators can opt for on-site pickup.

  • TakeAway Recovery Systems is a mailback solution providing the collection container and shipment packaging designed for sharps and small quantities of used healthcare products. Ship your full collection containers directly to the treatment facility using our prepaid return systems.
  • Larger quantity generators often require DOT-compliant medical waste pickup service because the quantities generated are too much for the mailback systems.
  • Medical waste generators whose individual locations generate variable amounts per site may benefit from a hybrid system combining both of the above options.
  • Sharps Recovery System for Trace Chemo Drugs provides safe, specialized mailback solutions, including the collection container and prepaid shipping for syringes and needles, empty vials, tubing, and other items contaminated with trace amounts of chemotherapy or other cytotoxic drugs. This solution provides collection, transportation, tracking, and proof of destruction in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Minnesota Medical & Infectious Waste Regulations and Compliance

Minnesota medical waste regulations use the term "infectious waste" to describe regulated medical waste, also known as biohazardous waste or "red bag" waste.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is the principal overseer of infectious waste, including storage and transportation, as well as segregating the waste streams according to type. A body of Administrative Rules also covers the requirements and the detailed, step-by-step procedures for packaging and labeling for sharps, infectious, and pathological waste.

The state has more detailed labeling and containment requirements in addition to those stipulated by OSHA and the FDA. For example, waste must be labeled as described in Administrative Rule 7035.9120:

C. Sharps containers, or infectious waste containers that include sharps containers, that will be transported to an offsite facility must be labeled, on the outer container, with "Sharps" in letters at least one inch high with a stroke width of one-eighth inch and with either the international biohazard symbol, at least three inches by three inches, or the words "Infectious Waste" in letters at least one inch in height with a stroke width of one-eighth inch.

F. Boxes and rigid containers of infectious waste must be conspicuously labeled with the words "Infectious Waste" in letters at least one inch high, with a stroke width of one-eighth inch, or the international biohazard symbol, at least three inches by three inches.

    Medical waste management and disposal regulations are complex, and you must follow them precisely as not to be subject to fines and penalties. Our Sharps Medical Waste Services regulatory experts make sure you always have access to the current regulations. We're here to answer your questions and offer guidance.

    Get the Sharps Medical Waste Services Advantage

    Sharps Medical Waste Services is an industry leader in regulated medical waste management and compliance with services that include:

    • Personalized, local service.
    • Full-service solutions: We supply everything you need to comply with Minnesota medical and infectious waste disposal requirements.
    • Immediate online access to up-to-date regulatory requirements.
    • Transparent pricing: Prepaid shipping and no hidden fees or surcharges.
    • Access to our expert regulatory staff.
    • We offer 24/7 online training as required by DOT and OSHA.

    Call us at 612.851.0127 for a free consultation and quote for all your biomedical waste disposal needs in Minnesota.

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