Sharps Medical Waste Services is the market leader in providing homes a variety of safe, convenient solutions to dispose of their healthcare waste. Solutions include mailback sharps disposal, medication disposal, recyclable IV poles, and sharps transport tubes. Solutions are designed for safety and proper disposal.

Sharps Disposal

Our mailback sharps disposal solutions are ideal for self-injectors in need of disposal of their sharps (needles, syringes, and lancets). Mailbacks are available in our online store and include a sharps collection container, instructions for use, prepaid postage, and pre-addressed mailback box with packaging materials to remove the sharps waste from your home safely. Mailbacks are simple to use — simply fill the sharps container, package according to instructions, and hand to your postal carrier for return.

Our Complete Needle Collection and Disposal System is available at major retail pharmacies throughout the country and includes a sharps container and mailbox box. The return and disposal are purchased separately through the Complete Needle site.

Medication Disposal

A projected 40% of the nearly 4 billion medications prescribed each year go unused. Homes can easily become a stockpile of unused, unneeded prescription and over the counter drugs. Most states, as well as the FDA and EPA, advise against the flushing of medications as a means of disposal. Sharps’ prepaid TakeAway Medication Recovery Systems are easy to use and ensure a quick, safe, and effective method of removal of unwanted medications from the home, community, and environment.

Our TakeAway Medication Recovery envelopes are specially designed for the safe, commingled collection of controlled (Schedules II-V), non-controlled, and over-the-counter medication wastes. Each envelope and box are pre-addressed for delivery to our DEA-registered facility, where all materials are destroyed through incineration to render the drugs completely non-retrievable with minimal environmental impact to the earth and our water supply.

IV Poles

Made from 100% recycled materials and available in two sizes, our Pitch-It IV Poles are perfect for at-home ambulatory or enteric infusion pumps. These poles are designed for drip and pump-mounted infusion. The standard Pitch-It IV Pole is ideal for short-term, stationary infusion and can sit on a stable table-top. The Pitch-It IV Pole Sr is our most popular version and allows for mobility during long-duration infusions. When therapy is complete, the poles can be collapsed for storage or recycling.

Sharps Transport Tube

Our small, travel-sized Sharps Transport Tubes are the ideal solution for on-the-go individuals who self-inject drug therapies and travel, live, or work in environments where short-term containment of used sharps is necessary. Fill the tubes with your used sharps, cap the lid, and retain tubes until final disposal by placing them into a full-size sharps container like one of our Sharps Recovery Systems.

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