Expired Medication Disposal Is Easy with TakeAway Envelopes

You can help lead the effort to solve the opioid crisis by cleaning out your medicine cabinet, preventing accidental poisonings, and protecting the environment with TakeAway Medication Recovery System envelopes. Sharps Compliance has helped keep communities safe by treating more than 3.2 million pounds of unused, ultimate-user medications.

Wondering How to Dispose of Expired Medication?

The TakeAway Medication Recovery System envelope provides for the safe collection and proper destruction of unused medications, including controlled substances (Schedules II-V). Each envelope is uniquely serialized for tracking.

How to dispose of old medication in three easy steps:

  • Place

    Put unused medicine in the pre-addressed prepaid envelope.

  • Seal

    Seal the envelope.

  • Send

    Drop off the envelope at your nearest post office or mailbox.

That’s all there is. The TakeAway Envelopes Medication Disposal helps you do your part in keeping unauthorized medications off the street.

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