Single-Use Device Recycling

single-use device
A solution for recycling of single-use medical devices.

TakeAway Recycle System

The TakeAway Recycle System is a sustainable solution designed to recycle single-use medical devices that are normally destined for the landfill. The TakeAway Recycle System is compliant with OSHA and DOT.

Minimize Waste Stream!

Don’t trash single-use medical devices — recycle them

Avoid Liability!

Avoid infection by avoiding reprocessed devices

Meets DOT Standards

Prepaid return system meets DOT requirements for safe transportation

OSHA Compliant

Solution designed to comply with OSHA requirements

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How It Works

SUDs that are normally destined for reprocessing, the landfill, or treatment as medical waste are collected in the operating room or sterile processing department and then shipped by common carrier for recycling.



Primary collection containers can be used for collection of devices in the operating room or in sterile processing.



Everything necessary to properly package containers for DOT-compliant shipping and recycling of metals and plastics.



Our process uses plastics as a fuel source for generating electricity and extracts the metals for recycling.

Why Recycle Single-Use Medical Devices


Healthcare facilities are becoming more concerned about reprocessing SUDs (devices intended for one use and use on a single patient during a single procedure).

  • SUDs are not typically designed with reuse in mind.
  • Reprocessing SUDs may increase potential for patient infection.
  • Reprocessed SUDs may be disassembled and parts exchanged, which may result in compromised functionality of the devices.
  • Common materials used in SUDs are often a combination of metals and plastic, which is difficult to sterilize without causing changes to the materials. These changes may result in an inability to validate the devices for reuse.

Cost-savings and environmental concerns have led to the practice of single-use medical device reprocessing. However, with increased focus on patient-centered care and accountability, recycling is quickly becoming the preferred method of managing SUDs.

What Can Be Collected?

Most single-use devices are composed of plastics and metals that can be converted into reusable materials. Devices that are normally destined for the landfill can now be collected and then shipped for sustainable management.

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