Ambulatory Surgery Centers

With decades of experience, Sharps Medical Waste Services is a trusted leader in medical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste management services. We offer cost-effective, transparent pricing and always put our customers’ needs first. Partner with Sharps Medical Waste Services for affordable, compliant medical waste disposal services. As a single-source provider for all types of regulated waste solutions, we are a great fit for ambulatory surgery centers. Our blended model of mailback and pickup services gives us the ability to customize a solution that will best work for you.

Regulated Medical Waste

We have an extensive selection of medical waste mailback solutions that are ideal for surgery centers.

We also offer a competitive medical waste pickup service. We work with you to properly classify and segregate your waste streams. We determine the appropriate service frequency for your surgery center and deliver the supplies you need to properly and compliantly package and label your different wastes.

  • Transparent pricing with no surprise increases
  • Immediate assistance from our experienced Customer Support and Regulatory teams
  • Fully permitted vehicles and treatment facilities for complete compliance
  • Straightforward agreements for standard terms and no hidden fees
  • Sharps containers available for your convenience
  • Waste transport containers, labels, liners, and tape all provided for packaging compliance
  • Online tools for employee training and waste manifests

Recycled Waste

The TakeAway Recycle System is an environmentally friendly solution designed to recycle single-use medical devices (SUDs) that are normally destined for the landfill. This all-inclusive system provides the safe collection, storage, transport, and recycling of SUDs, allowing surgery centers to reduce risk while addressing environmental concerns. Don’t trash single-use devices – recycle instead!

Pharmaceutical Waste

We provide pharmaceutical waste solutions for both doctors and patients at ambulatory surgery centers. Our TakeAway Medication Recovery System DEA Pail is a convenient, DEA-compliant, and environmentally safe option for collection, return, and destruction of expired and unused DEA registrant inventory-controlled substances. For the disposal of unused, non-controlled pharmaceuticals in your community, we have the TakeAway Environmental Return System. For ultimate users who need to dispose of controlled and non-controlled medications, the TakeAway Medication Recovery System envelopes can be provided to patients to take home for disposal.

Hazardous Waste

Sharps Medical Waste Services also collects and treats hazardous and universal waste. Our RCRA hazardous waste containers are for the collection, transport, and disposal of hazardous pharmaceuticals. We also have UN-rated, DOT-approved recycling solutions for universal waste, such as batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and mercury-containing devices. If you have any hazardous waste materials, we can help with waste determination, storage, transportation, and proper treatment.

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