Pathological & Chemotherapeutic Waste

Many state regulations require that pathological and chemotherapeutic materials be destroyed solely through incineration. The most effective way for you to ensure compliance with these chemo waste regulations is through the incineration process. Sharps Medical Waste Services has a team of experienced professionals who can ensure your waste is disposed of properly. No matter if you have a large organization or a smaller one, we want to keep the environment and people safe with proper waste disposal.

Definition of Class 2 Waste (Pathological and Chemotherapeutic): Any Human Pathological and/or Chemotherapeutic Wastes Including the Following

  • Tissues, organs, and other body parts and fluids that are removed during surgery, autopsy, or other medical procedure
  • Specimens of body fluids and their containers
  • Any pathological and/or chemotherapeutic infectious agent as defined in the applicable federal, state, county, and municipal laws, regulations, and guidelines

When dealing with any of these wastes, it’s important to stay in compliance with your state’s laws. You should ensure you’re properly dealing with pathological waste or hiring a company that can do it for you and is knowledgeable about the regulations already in place. At Sharps Medical Waste Services, we can take care of different types of waste you deal with on a daily basis. We want to make sure everything is properly disposed of to keep everyone safe.

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