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Sharps Medical Waste Services is an all-inclusive provider for the home healthcare industry, which encompasses home health, home hospice, and home infusion. We provide not only medical and pharmaceutical waste mailback systems but also IV poles, asset return systems, and hazardous and universal waste solutions.

Regulated Medical Waste

The 20-Gallon Sharps Recovery System provides solutions for larger volumes of medical waste, such as vials, tubing, and filled sharps containers. The 20-gallon system also comes in a trace chemo system. For nurse and patient sharps waste, the Sharps Recovery Systems are ideal. We have a range of sizes available, which all include a sharps container with a prepaid mailback box. The use of mailback systems allows nurses and patients to simply mail the systems when full, saving transport back to the headquarters for disposal.

The 2-Gallon Sharps Recovery System for Trace Chemo is available in a wide-mouth design, which is perfect for items contaminated with trace amounts of chemo or other hazardous drug waste.

Disposable IV Poles

With the Pitch-It Disposable IV Poles, you can eliminate the need to ship, deliver, or pick up heavy, bulky reusable poles. The Pitch-It IV Poles are lightweight, quickly assembled, and easily folded up for storage or recycling once therapy is complete.

Both sizes of the IV poles make excellent options for patients receiving home infusion. The Pitch-It IV Pole is ideal for shorter infusions, while the Pitch-It IV Pole Sr. with wheels is useful for a longer infusion as it allows the max amount of mobility.


  • Just a few lightweight pieces make assembly fast and easy
  • Lower shipping costs than traditional IV poles, making Pitch-Its more cost-effective
  • Lower cube packaging means lower handling cost
  • Enhanced hook design for hanging IV bags
  • Safe placement of all ambulatory and enteral pumps on Pitch-It IV Pole Sr.

Asset Management

The Pump and Asset Return System saves time and money by reducing trips to and from the patient's home to deliver and pick up medical equipment. This proven system can increase the return rate of expensive assets, such as IV pumps, wound vacuums, feeding pumps, and more. When patients complete therapy, they simply return their pumps to the provider or designated location for service using the prepaid return shipping box, which includes insurance.


  • Reduces risk of lost assets
  • Eliminates expensive pickups and saves employee or courier time by using prepaid return boxes
  • Diminishes potential equipment damage with specially designed foam packaging
  • Available in three sizes: small, medium, and large

TakeAway Medication Recovery System

Safely dispose of unwanted medications from the comfort of your own home! The TakeAway Medication Recovery System allows patients to discard unwanted controlled and non-controlled medications. Medication is placed into the prepaid, addressed envelope and sent to Sharps Medical Waste Services for our DEA-approved destruction. This medication disposal is perfect for the home health or hospice setting.

Home infusion, home health, and home hospice have their own unique needs. Sharps Medical Waste Services is committed to assisting our customers with multiple options to assist in optimal patient care. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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