Controlled Substance Waste

Following federal regulations when it concerns controlled substance disposal is a very high-risk task. To be in full compliance, controlled substances must be disposed of in a manner that prevents diversion as well as meets DEA regulations. That is why finding the right service partner is crucial to your organization’s success and meeting your compliance standards. With help from our company, you can take advantage of our controlled substance monitoring program and ensure everything complies with the laws of your state and the country. We also want to help you to feel better about where your waste is going.

Sharps Medical Waste Services works with physician offices, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and other bulk pharmaceutical waste generators to provide reverse distribution disposal services for various types of pharmaceutical waste requiring certification of destruction. We will ensure you’re in complete compliance with all state and federal controlled substance regulations and have all appropriate documentation of disposal.

If you have any questions about this program and would like to utilize this service for your company’s needs, then don't hesitate to reach out to us today. As one of the leading single-source providers of regulatory compliant services for the healthcare market, you can feel peace of mind when you get in touch with us. Make sure your waste is being properly disposed of.

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