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New York Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste generators in New York are required to comply with many different state and federal regulations. Those requirements apply whether you're operating a large hospital, a veterinary clinic, or a small med spa with only a few employees.

Many RMW generators in New York already rely on Sharps Medical Waste Services as a trusted partner. We provide everything needed for safe collection, storage, transportation, and treatment of regulated medical wastes (RMW), including sharps waste, dental waste, pharmaceutical waste, chemo waste, and more. Our solutions are not only compliant and convenient but also sustainable: click here to learn more about our waste-to-energy treatment technology.

We can help you too! We offer services to the New York City metro area and all of upstate New York.

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We Support New York Medical Waste Generators

Our New York State RMW and pharmaceutical waste disposal customers range from small quantity generators (SQGs) to large quantity generators (LQGs). This diverse customer base includes many types of healthcare providers, including long-term care facilities, physician offices, veterinary hospitals, dental practices, labs, and home healthcare agencies. Our customer base is comprised of numerous other non-healthcare industries as well, such as funeral homes and tattoo parlors.

If your facility generates regulated medical waste, Sharps Medical Waste Services will work with you to create a custom disposal solution that fits both your needs and your budget. For example:

  • Mailback solutions: Sharps mailback system for facilities that generate smaller quantities of sharps and red bag medical wastes.
  • TakeAway Recovery System for Trace Chemo/Cytotoxic Drugs: Specialized containers for the regulatory-compliant collection, transport, tracking, and treatment of syringes, needles, empty vials, tubing, and other items contaminated with trace amounts of chemotherapy or other cytotoxic drugs or chemicals.
  • Scheduled pickups: Larger quantity generators also have a variety of products to use for the convenient pickup of wastes on a schedule customized to their unique needs.
  • Hybrid options: A combination of both mailback and pickup, depending on your facility's needs.
  • MedSafe: MedSafe medication collection kiosks provide safe disposal for unused or expired prescription drugs, OTC medications, and Schedules II-V controlled substances. They are a convenient solution for long-term care facilities and hospitals with on-site pharmacies. In addition, many community pharmacies host MedSafe kiosks to provide convenient medication disposal for the public.

We can provide the transport and treatment of all your medical and pharmaceutical wastes.

New York State Medical Waste Regulations

With approximately 36,000 medical waste generators creating 250,000 pounds of RMW each year, New York State regulators take safety and compliance seriously. New York RMW generators must understand and comply with several medical and pharmaceutical waste regulations issued by both federal and state agencies, including:

Rules and regulations change frequently. While large quantity generators often have dedicated compliance staff, small and medium-sized generators are faced with the difficulty of navigating state and federal medical waste disposal requirements on their own. Sharps Medical Waste Services can help.

Get the Sharps Medical Waste Services Advantage

Choosing the right medical waste disposal partner is important. Every RMW generator has cradle-to-grave liability and responsibility for the wastes. If your waste hauler or treatment partner makes a mistake, regulators hold you responsible!

Make Sharps Medical Waste Services your medical waste disposal partner. We have over 25 years' experience in medical waste disposal and compliance. Let us monitor the regulations and handle the details while you focus on helping your patients and your customers!

Sharps Medical Waste Services offers:

  • Transparent and affordable pricing with no hidden fees or surprise surcharges
  • Responsive customer service available by phone, email, or live chat
  • Access to our staff of medical waste regulatory experts
  • ComplianceTrac, our online training, compliance, and safety management system
  • The HUB, our online regulatory resource for all our customers, for answers to quick RMW or pharmaceutical waste questions
  • SharpsTracer, our secure, online tracking system that meets the cradle-to-grave requirements for regulated wastes
  • DOT-compliant transport of waste and detailed logs/shipping of papers
  • Immediate access to an online regulatory resource that offers up-to-date compliance information
  • Flexible options for disposal: pickup or mailback

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